new years stuff

I wrote a "year in review" thing every year since I started having a website up in 2016, but back then being a depressed teenager with not much going on in their life apart from study & cry they were all kind of boring, now they're all gone I'm starting over :)

This year I have actual life events though ๐ŸŽ‰ in order from start to end of the year:

  • Moved out from home & in with my boyfriend: Away from horrible North England and into much nicer Wales
  • Got my first developer job: Full-stack at a small business, was there for all of three-ish weeks before lockdown started & perma-work from home thereon after. I learned a lot from this place & it was probably the best 'first dev job' I could've hoped for; no super-intense pace, interesting greenfield project, very kind group of people, awesome manager & a stack I was already confident with
  • Learned TypeScript + tonnes of other technologies: Related to the previous, in no particular order I've learned:
    • TypeScript (+ Express a lot more)
    • Angular, RxJS, Pub-Sub pattern
    • Docker + Kubernetes
    • Redis, InfluxDB, Chronograf
    • PostgreSQL + TypeORM, MongoDB + mongoose
    • Vercel Serverless, AWS Textract, SNS & SQS
    • Micro-services & task runners / queues
    • Neo4j + cypher
    • mocha & chai (lord i loathe testing)
    • RabbitMQ / MQTT
  • Started growing plants: Bought a huge shelf and stacked it with lights & sensors and all other IoT stuff
  • Got my first raise
  • Went to Belgium (again): ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Left my first developer job
  • Joined a startup incubator
  • Became a bird whisperer: Got myself a bird feeder & now I'm this apartment complexes social club for birds
  • Incorporated a company: Suppose now I'm a CTO of sorts in a startup with 4 other people, we're building a livestream & VOD service for performance arts, with all the experience of my last job so far a tonne of progress has been made
  • Went out into town: On a double date I guess? Normally I never would've done something like this being an anxious person and whatnot
  • Started learning a second language (Norwegian): Got tired of learning programming languages so learning a real one now, det gรฅr bra :)
  • First Christmas from home: Thanks very much Mark Drakeford ๐Ÿ˜ 

Things I want to do next year:

  • Finish the Duolingo tree
  • Get to B2 CEFR level Bergentest kanksje?
  • Improve fitness: Get back into running again, lose some weight yada yada
  • Release the MVP: Q2 2021...? + funding pls
  • Sell some microgreens at the local farmers market
  • Go on holiday to either Norway/Japan: Test out my language skillz or my boyfriends' japanese - maybe both?
  • Stop trying to achieve perfection
  • voice training

Things I'd like to do next year:

  • Add i18n to this site: Norwegian translations, maybe even a dark mode too
  • Dress more fashionably: Currently I just wear oversized hoodies and yeah, maybe try some makeup other than concealer too while I'm at it?
  • Soft skills: Be a better communicator & time management, agile schtuff
  • Make mistakes
  • Maybe climb Snowdon:

ja, det er alt - her er til 2021 ๐Ÿฅฐ vรฆr ikke forferdelig