voice training

I was gonna write this big post about voice training, but seeing as there are already way better resources out there that explain specifice in much more details (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j_-8dndFzKTX0xBSF15ZEJWdw958ryh0IPKq1sz8p04/edit) I'll just go over some stuff that was helpful to me personally

how not to want to die when voice training

  • play spotify in background on speaker
  • ease into it by just making sound

There's a lot of resources out there for altering ones voice, so this is an attempt at collecting it all and filtering out the extraneous data, I'll link the sources for more detailed reading so think of this as a 'learn x in y' for voice


i have virtually zero confidence, even trying to alter my voice causes a lot of tension, & often i'd sit in my chair for hours just thinking about starting before i actually summon up the will to practice -- some things help:

  • alcohol
  • playing music in the background (don't play sad stuff though)
  • being in a room where noone can reasonbly hear you
    • having a dedicated space, then going to it & immediately starting, don't procrastinate once sitting down otherwise it'll take forever to actually start
    • don't just sit there...make a sound, any sound, just hum whatever, break the silence
  • watching vt videos to ease into it


  • nurdling: sounding like stitch, avoid that! (fairly common)
  • re-listening to recorded vt lessons is painful
  • doing literally anything imaginable to avoid speaking, a la infinite scrolling, checking e-mails, writing this post...
  • mimicry: very based, I have a bunch of clips I just play back & emulate
  • have an entry phrase:
    • heat from fire, fire from heat
    • the birch canoe slid down the smooth planks
    • hello hello hello hello hello while increasing resonance

going from low to higher pitch while keeping low weight

zombie technique, lazy as possible


  • pitch slides for thinness: go from rough to smooth via pitch, then decrease pitch while maintaining thinness
    • fry to thin
    • aaaaaa ^^ one two three...
  • thick to thin pop test: fuck knows
  • pure mimicry:
  • physical compression of head and neck: jar your neck in & out to cause vocal tract to be stretched
  • onset and offset approach:


changing vocal resonance through altering the length of the layrnx siren whispers, big dog small dog (!!) vampire noise, going from low to high ha, haw, haaaa --> vocalisation then speech say hah not heh or hih since that's the tongue shape altering resonance (oral cavity)

raising the layrnx too high will result in choking, bouncing on the palete don't use neck muscles, more of a tongue muscle action don't strain the vocal chords

Vocal Weight

smooth or rough, how much air you let through without making sound

abduction: breathy adducted: creaky