committing to nvim

i said in a previous post & my 2021 review that i'd be moving from vscode to nvim, and over the xmas holiday i decided to try and do that. at first i tried to kept things simple, installing the neovim vscode extension and just getting myself comfortable with modal editing; though after a few hours this quickly became apparent it wasn't going to work, every so often the extension would just lock up and do nothing, forcing a hard restart. just a bit annoying.

so i decided go cold turkey, spending the last week or so (basically the only thing i could really bear to do in my current state) customising and going through various workflows to replicate all the spoils that vscode gives us out of the box.

fwiw i use kitty, neovim & kanagawa colour scheme - my nvim config is here:

so here's a list things i needed and used a tonne, ~ but in nvim ~

some other super useful plugins:

i highly doubt this is the end of the tweaking, but it's a good enough start to keep me on a similar level of productivity as in vscode. as far as how it's going now? quite nice, I'm enjoying learning the motions and feeling myself getting faster, though it does feel somewhat cerebral at times with remembering things - i still need to learn some of the workflows for git related stuff, merge issues etc. but will get onto that when I'm back to work

some annoying things i had to figure out

inserting hashtags, had to rebind the input code in kitty.conf to insert a literal #

map alt+3 send_text all #

getting <A-1> codes to work in kitty, would not work otherwise without this line

macos_option_as_alt yes

aligning content to the top-left of the content box in kitty, otherwise you get a small padding gap due to font size not being a multiple of the terminal dimensions, which looks kinda ugly on status/tablines

placement_strategy top-left

getting fzf to ignore node_modules and friends, first install ripgrep, then in fish.config

set -x FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND 'rg --files --no-ignore --hidden --follow -g "!{.git,.next,node_modules}"'

then in init.vim, add

set shell=/opt/homebrew/bin/fish " use fish

update: realising that fish is once again fucking me

as discovered in [[2021-08-23-fixing-skhd-lag]] it turns out setting your default shell to fish is a terrible idea, I was noticing that switching to buffers was being painfully slow, in a way that reminded me of switching desktops was in yabai with skhd, so based off that hunch i swapped my default shell back to bash, and well the results speak for themselves:

top: with fish, bottom: with bash

to getting fish back in the terminal using toggleterm i just had to set the shell option to the location of which fish