just vimmy things that make editing go brrrrr

discounting the usual motions schtick of di{ etc, here's some stuff in vim (or i've picked up as a consequence of using it that've geniunely made me faster at text editing

  • gg vim-fugitive pretty sure everyone loves this one, but just sgc to commit is nice
  • f lightspeed: this plugin absolutely fucking slaps, it's probably my most used key, zapping around with just f + 1-2 chars is really nice & combined with motions like dtf makes it super fun
  • K show definition in hover doc
  • ]e & [e go to next lsp error
  • ge show error hover doc
  • ga show code actions in hover doc
  • nvim-surround
    • seriously can't understate this one, the amount of times i've done something like console.log("v: ${v}") then done cs"`` or ysi({`` has probably saved me at-least (insert comedically large value) minutes of my life so far
  • ctrl+f complete suggestion, I use this everywhere outside of a terminal now also
  • gd goto definition
  • gr/gi show references / implementations in trouble.nvim
  • <leader>f fzf
  • <A-i> open quake terminal
  • macros hell yea macros, why spend 30 seconds doing something manually when you can spend 2 minutes perfecting your macro
  • z https://github.com/rupa/z not vim related but fucks, doing z work or z posts and being where i wanna be at is way better than cd ~/some/long/ass/path/that/is/long