new years stuff

2020-12-31 19:39, 2 weeks and 5 days ago

I wrote a “year in review” thing every year since I started having a website up in 2016, but back then being a depressed teenager with not much going on in their life apart from study & cry they were all kind of boring, now they’re all gone & I’m starting over :)

This year I have actual life events though 🎉 in order from start to end of the year:

  • Moved out from home & in with my boyfriend: Away from horrible North England and into much nicer Wales
  • Got my first developer job: Full-stack at a small business, was there for all of three-ish weeks before lockdown started & perma-work from home thereon after. I learned a lot from this place & it was probably the best ‘first dev job’ I could’ve hoped for; no super-intense pace, interesting greenfield project, very kind group of people, awesome manager & a stack I was already confident with
  • Learned TypeScript + tonnes of other technologies: Related to the previous, in no particular order I’ve learned:
    • TypeScript (+ Express a lot more)
    • Angular, RxJS, Pub-Sub pattern
    • Docker / Containerization
    • Redis, InfluxDB, Chronograf
    • PostgreSQL + TypeORM, MongoDB + mongoose
    • Vercel Serverless, AWS Textract, SNS & SQS
    • Micro-services & task runners / queues
    • Neo4j + cypher
    • mocha & chai (lord i loathe testing)
    • RabbitMQ / MQTT
  • Started growing plants: Bought a huge shelf and stacked it with lights & sensors and all other IoT stuff
  • Got my first raise
  • Went to Belgium (again): 😉
  • Left my first developer job
  • Joined a startup incubator
  • Became a bird whisperer: Got myself a bird feeder & now I’m this apartment complexes social club for birds
  • Incorporated a company: Suppose now I’m a CTO of sorts in a startup with 4 other people, we’re building a livestream & VOD service for performance arts, with all the experience of my last job so far a tonne of progress has been made
  • Went out into town: On a double date I guess? Normally I never would’ve done something like this being an anxious person and whatnot
  • Started learning a second language (Norwegian): Got tired of learning programming languages so learning a real one now, det går bra :)
  • First Christmas from home: Thanks very much Mark Drakeford 😠

Things I want to do next year:

  • Finish the Norwegian Duolingo tree
  • Get to B1-2 CEFR level Kompetanse Norge kanksje?
  • Improve fitness: Get back into running again, lose some weight yada yada / weight cycling
  • Release the MVP: Q2 2021…? + funding pls
  • Sell some microgreens at the local farmers market
  • Go on holiday to either Norway/Japan: Test out my language skillz or my boyfriends’ japanese - maybe both?
  • Re-write my activity tracker: Alread y started on this one:
  • Relax my perfectionism a bit
  • voice training

Things I’d like to do next year:

  • Learn some new tools: Not a whole lot but more into the deployment/monitoring side of things:
    • TerraForm
    • Kubernetes & Helm / AWS EKS
    • Datadog / LogRocket
    • GitOps
    • SSO / 2FA
    • TailwindCSS
  • Re-write a bunch of stuff: I have a fair bit of basically shit code hanging about on servers that I should clean up - speaking of which maybe I’ll make a thing to monitor the uptime of all of these applications - - pog?
  • Add i18n to this site: Norwegian translations, maybe even a dark mode too
  • Go outside more: Been pretty hard what with COVID / anxiety
  • Read more books: Only thing I’ve read this year is Ted K’s manifesto :/
  • Make some more hardware: Would really like to continue my growing operation, albeit a bit more casually, cut out a bunch of stuff I built so I can actually finish it and let people use it
  • Dress more fashionably: Currently I just wear oversized hoodies and yeah, maybe try some makeup other than concealer too while I’m at it?
  • Soft skills: Be more supportive, a better communicator & time management, agile schtuff
  • Maybe climb Snowdon:

What not to do next year:

  • Go on things that negatively affect my mood: Avoiding twitter, 4ch (and related communities/people) / hivemind thought / crab mentality
  • Not double-checking stuff: Ordering PCBs with a missed/wrong trace, leaving an AWS EKS server up for a whole month 😬
  • Buying stuff I’ll never use: Clothes, domains etc.
  • Feeding into sadges: Listening to sad stuff when sad == bad
  • Drinking so much: impulsivity in general
  • Falling for propaganda: E.g. Plastics industry propagating recycling into the mainstream to ease consumer guilt about purchasing said plastics - or even “mental health awareness” days, things designed to manipulate our behaviour for the sake of being a more efficient machine in the system / spending money

The concept of “mental health” in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress.
— Industrial Society and Its Future

ja, det er alt - her er til 2021 🥰 vær ikke forferdelig