Jun 14, 18   

AS-A2 Physics Practical Endorsements

Mar 28, 18   

lssx, LÖVE Space Shooter X

May 02, 17   

’A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ on Binary Coded Disc

Mar 14, 20

IoT plant & garden management w/ social networking features
Dec 03, 19

open-source hardware development
Dec 01, 19

pomf-like JAMstack file uploader with image compression
Nov 18, 19   


Nano driven ambient light-thingy using addressable WS2812B LED's.
Oct 17, 19   


re-make of a löve game I made years ago, for mobile
Oct 11, 19   


ecs löve ui library for my game; g
Aug 19, 19   


Twitter bot that randomly generates gardens made of emojis
Jun 27, 19   


Plant telemetry monitor and visualiser, React+Redux, deployed on Heroku
Jun 23, 19   


Turn-based strategy game inspired by 1066 - MoonScript client & P2P matchmaking server, Express.js & MongoDB user server
Apr 26, 19   


Quick Rotonde Poster, a cli utility for posting to Rotonde
Apr 21, 19   


Activity tracker for macOS with front-end visualisation
Jun 01, 18   

DbSvr power controller

Relay power controller, interfaced via APL. Distributes power to RAID array, switchbox and several RPi 3B's.
Feb 17, 18   

lssx & zephyr

LÖVE Space Shooter X. Written in MoonScript. Extended Project Qualification, scored 94%.
Feb 15, 18   

PiSP 2.0

PSP-like handheld console using the Pi Zero with an ImGui OS
Nov 19, 17   


MoonScript Discord bot using Discordia
Nov 01, 17   


A messagebox library for LÖVE.
Oct 17, 17

Popular (1 million+ user) Discord bot site.
Aug 25, 17   


Reminder notifications over dbus via naughty
May 30, 17   


A simple and responsive CSS boilerplate
Apr 20, 17   


A Cruel Angel's Thesis on BCD. Second year Electronics final project, scored 98%.
Nov 20, 16   

40x2 dev. board

PICAXE 40x2 development board, serial programming interface, short-circuit protection & LED io indicators
Nov 19, 16

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